Welcome September

I really hope that summer was as good to you as it was to me.   Mine was filled with just enough travel to say I went somewhere and there were many well deserved days of relaxation, backyard campfires, BBQ’s with friends and summer cocktails.


But august has ended and September is into its first week which means autumn is just around the corner. Its arrival isn’t officially until September 21st; however it does appear that the trees and bushes are jumping ahead of the game to ensure full colors are out before summer comes to an end.

As much as I love summer, I look forward to seeing fall arrive every year.  There’s just something about the cool crispiness of autumn air that makes me feel awake and refreshed, and there is something magical about watching the brightly colored leaves fall from the trees and float to the ground.

But beyond the beautiful foliage and cool, fresh air, there are many other things that get me excited about autumn’s arrival.  Every year, around this time, I look forward to the day I get to wear my favorite plaid shirts and flannel pajamas.  I love taking my fluffy blankets out again.  The flannel sheets get pulled out of the closet and put back on my bed.  I love lighting the fireplace at night while I’m curled up on the couch enjoying a glass of my favorite red wine.   On weekends, I sometimes head to Confederation Park or towards the mountains to enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees.

I am mostly looking forward to taking longer walks with my dogs in the evening, spending many nights soaking in my new hot tub and trying some new autumn’ish, body and soul warming comfort foods and drinks in and around Calgary.  I have lived in Calgary since 2004 and I have so much I have yet to see and do here.

I have never tried pumpkin spice anything, but if that makes you happy, then by all means, I hope you savor every sip and nibble.

It’s almost as if autumn holds the power of new beginnings and fresh starts.  For me it does.

I would love to hear your favorite things to do in fall.  Drop a comment below.

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