Happy Thanksgiving

Growing up we never had Thanksgiving traditions.  Mom never cooked a big dinner and we never got together with family and friends to celebrate being thankful for everything.  But that doesn’t mean it was never acknowledged.   At dinner (which could have been anything… corned beef hash, spaghetti, Sheppard’s Pie, goulash… literally anything except turkey) Dad would ask us what we were thankful for and we would find things to contribute.  Family was always included in the lists of things we were thankful for. And that still holds true today.  I’ll always have that to be thankful for.  Sadly, my Dad is no longer with us, but I’m still thankful to have had him and the memories he gave me.

This year, I actually cooked a big thanksgiving dinner.  I invited a couple of friends to join us and it was great to enjoy a beautiful dinner and spend time with them.  Last year we had Thanksgiving Pizza.  My mother was visiting and she loves to shop so pizza was the most practical and least time consuming meal to make after a day of shopping.  The year before that, our neighbors invited us over for a delicious dinner.  And in previous years, it could have been anything from BBQ chicken to take out.  Regardless, we still sit down as a family at Thanksgiving and that gives me the best feeling in the world.

Last Year’s Thanksgiving Pizza Dinner

Today and forever I will be thankful for:

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My dogs
  4. My health
  5. Having a roof over my head
  6. A comfortable bed to sleep in
  7. Having an abundance of food on the table
  8. And I know it sounds materialistic, but I am thankful for my dishwasher and iRobot vacuum… both allow me to work less on housework giving me more time for family, friends and self-care.

Happy Thanksgiving Readers.  I’m thankful for you too xo

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