Happy Tibb’s Eve

If you are a Newfoundlander, then you may be participating in Tibb’s Eve celebrations this evening by dipping into your holiday hooch rations a little early, and getting tipsy with friends whether you are living in Newfoundland or not.   The celebrations may start in one person’s kitchen early in the evening and end up in somebody else’s kitchen or a local watering hole later that night.  But regardless of where you start, or where you end off, rest assured that there will be music and dancing and tons of laughter.

Tibb’s Eve originated on the south coast of Newfoundland just after World War II when people began to deem the day of December 23rd as the first acceptable day to start their Christmas drinking.   It soon became a day where men would visit each other’s homes to sample each other’s brew that they had planned on drinking over the holidays.

Because of the amount of tipsiness associated with celebrating Tibb’s Eve, December 23rd has also been called  “Tipp’s Eve” or “Tipsy’s Eve” depending on the community.

So, if you are planning on “tipping back” a drink (or few) this evening, you have a great excuse for it because you can just say that you are partaking in a very old Newfoundland tradition because you don’t want to feel left out.

We look forward to celebrating this old NL tradition with our Calgary family and friends this evening!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 ❤️

Stay safe readers xo

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