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Happy Pancake Day

Today is Shrove Tuesday (AKA Pancake Day).  It’s a day of the year that I always look forward to because, well… pancakes for dinner, that’s why! A little history: Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  Ash… Read More ›

Visiting Las Vegas

Did you know that Las Vegas has seen it’s first significant snowfall since the 1930’s. It’s crazy to think that just 2 weeks ago I was planning on booking a flight to Vegas in a desperate attempt to get out… Read More ›

Happy Superbowl Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Football fans from all over the U.S. and Canada are gathering today to celebrate and cheer on The Patriots and Rams. Then there’s me who only mildly understands American Football who is attending a Superbowl party just… Read More ›